trapball grease trap odor control

TrapBALL – Grease Trap Odor Control & pH Neutralizer


Grease Trap Odor Control & pH Neutralizer



Product Description

TrapBALL is a new environmentally-friendly way to reduce grease trap odors by safely increasing pH from acidic conditions. As a result, hydrogen sulfide gases stay in suspension and do not release, nullifying noxious odor. Additional positive results include; reduced corrosion to the grease trap & sewer, improved conditions for bio-remediation of FOG (fats, oils & grease) and improved water quality from the grease trap (properly maintained)… helping to meet local municipal code.

TrapBALL is a cost-effective, slow dissolve delivery method that is super-simple to install & use. Hang TrapBALL inside a bigger, outdoor grease trap for best flow results or drop inside & rest on the bottom of internal, point-of-use grease interceptors. The TrapBALL starts neutralizing acidic water on contact and dissolves slowly as it interacts. Grease trap size as conditions can vary creating a range of use life from 3  to 6-months.


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