scrapblocker locking sink strainer

ScrapBlocker SINK 3.5″- Locking Drain Strainer


TRIPLE Locking Design for a TAMPER-PROOF Drain System




BUY (3) or more for 20% SAVINGS


ScrapBlocker locking sink strainerScrapBlockerlocking drain guards

Product Description

The ScrapBlocker Locking Sink Strainer is a small fix for big savings and less drain pain. ScrapBlocker fits flush into most 3.5″ commercial sink drains using the groove of the sink with a Triple Lock Design. It creates a tamper-proof guard to prevent food solids & other debris from entering the drain line.

ScrapBlockers prevent drain backups and reduce emergency calls which saves time, money, and staff disruption. And, ScrapBlocker installs easily… 1-2-3… and begins blocking solids immediately. The Triple Lock Design keeps the strainer guard secure from tampering by not TWISTING or LIFTING out of place and is THE ONLY ONE with this vital feature.

ScrapBlocker SINK kit comes complete with all items to install with ease (including the hex tool). A fine particle clip-on mesh grate is available separately as is a “scrap scoop”.  ScrapBlocker is a smart preventive addition to triple sinks, prep sinks, and pre-rinse sinks.


Get in the groove with ScrapBlocker!

locking drain guards

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