commercial drain cleaning
Solution Spotlight – ScrapBlocker Drain Locks
Introducing the latest innovation for drain line clog prevention, the ScrapBlocker Poly Drain Lock offers a tamper-proof solution to keep solids and debris out of the drain system. ScrapBlocker Drain Locks can eliminate emergency calls for drain line blockages while also helping to improve grease trap performance. Made in the USA from super impact resistant polymer alloy, ScrapBlocker Drain Locks are available in 2", 3", & 4" standard pipe sizes. Quick & easy installation. *NOW available in a Poly DOME Lock version in all sizes noted and a 3.5" Commercial Sink Drain Guard.  
commercial drain cleaning
Solution Spotlight – FOGfighter™
FOGfighter™ from EBtech uses biological science to breakdown GREASE in foodservice drain systems. The bio-activated microbes prevent FOG from building up deploying billions of beneficial bacteria that degrade grease in the drain line & grease trap. Digested grease does not reform, clogs are prevented, odors reduced & grease traps improved. Avoid drain clogs from fats, oils & grease...biologically. It's just Eco-SMART.  
commercial drain cleaning
What is a ScrapTrapper?
The ScrapTrapper is a solids separator that strains & captures food scrap waste before it can clog in the drain or load up in the grease trap. Located at the triple sink or pre-rinse area, Scrap Trapper easily separates and collects the biggest contributor to drain pain - grease laden, wet food waste. Made from durable HDPE plastic and a stainless strainer drawer, ScrapTrapper is affordably priced, easy to install, and saves money ongoing by preventing emergency drain services. It may even extend grease trap cleaning for greater savings. Now, there's a smaller ScrapTrapper home version to streamline waste handling for compost collection in your community. It is the missing link from the sink. Check out ScrapTrapper for work or home, today. View products.
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